Prepare to Sell Your Home

The following suggestions have been successful in the sale of many of our homes, but they are by no means a requirement for the sale of your home.

  • Your yard (especially the front yard) is the first thing buyers see. Dead shrubs/trees should be removed. In the summer, the lawn should be mowed; in the fall, leaves should be raked.
  • In the winter, clear sidewalks and driveways of ice and snow for safety.
  • Opening blinds and draperies can add extra natural light to the house. If you live in a wooded setting, removing window screens helps make rooms appear even brighter.
  • Place scented room fresheners throughout your house to help create a pleasant atmosphere. Citrus scents (lemon, orange) are preferred over flowery scents.
  • Put valuables (money, jewelry and handbags), breakables and items with sentimental value in a secure place.
  • Remove area rugs to make rooms (including bathrooms) appear more spacious.
  • Check to see that all light bulbs are in a working order.
  • Remove clutter and unnecessary items from tables and kitchen counters.
  • Arrange furniture and accessories so traffic flows smoothly.
  • Limit the display of personal photographs.
  • Clean kitchen appliances and remove knives from view.
  • Put away items that contain personal information such as names of family members, appointments, and creditors. Magazines and newspapers should be out of sight, too.
  • Clean all bathrooms (especially sinks, bathtubs/showers, and toilets). Caulk tubs and showers if needed.
  • Repair any dripping faucets, squeaky steps and loose doorknobs.
  • Clean fireplaces of ashes and debris.
  • Remove items on the floors of closets and pantries so they appear larger.
  • If you have a garage, stack items vertically against the walls so buyers can visualize how much parking and storage the garage will provide.
  • Replace your furnace filter for home inspection.