Residential Property Management in MD and Washington DC

One of the fundamentals of investing is that profits are relative to risk. The greater the risk, the larger the potential for profit. Rental real estate carries a relatively high risk. Some of the potential risks include:

  • Non-paying tenants
  • Bounced checks
  • Skips & sublets
  • Vandalism
  • Negligent Damage
  • Deliberate Damage
  • Vacancies
  • Forcible Entries

Income property is still one of the best investments available and, through diligent management; the risks can be significantly reduced. Realty Network is a licensed real estate brokerage firm which can assist you in maximizing profits and minimizing risks.

Professional management involves not only the ability to market properties and collect rent, but the knowledge of how to reduce risk. It demands on-site inspections with knowledge of construction and maintenance. The property manager should have the ability to recognize potential problems before they become serious. With extensive experience in leasing and property management, our associates have the qualifications to provide this kind of comprehensive management service.
The management of your property is a specialty. The business of managing and maintaining real estate is our business.


Our service is geared toward maximizing your profits and minimizing risk. Here is how we administer our service:

  • Advertising and marketing that produces qualified tenants.
  • Careful tenant screening including credit check, employment verification and rental reference.
  • Set rents at the optimum level, one which will allow the highest possible income with the greatest occupancy rate.
  • Provide the latest in rental application and lease forms to ensure compliance with laws and government regulations.
  • Interior and exterior inspections of the property concentrating on preventive maintenance and the degree to which the tenant is caring for the property.
  • Prudent response to maintenance requests, balancing the needs and desires of the tenant with cost effective maintenance geared to long-term preservation of the property and maximizing cash flow.
  • Timely accounting including disbursement of mortgages and owners proceeds checks. Proceeds are disbursed when rents are received — not delayed until the end of the month or when the tenants check clears.
  • Provide statements to owners reflecting all income and expenditures. Statements are easy to read and highly detailed. All expenses shown are documented with copies of bills.

OPTION I – Leasing Only

  • Establish rental price
  • Promotion and marketing costs paid by our firm
  • Screen potential tenants
  • Prepare lease, obtain deposit
  • Recommend repairs, if needed
  • Assist in obtaining rental license, if needed

OPTION II – Property Management

  • 24 hour “on-call” service via answering service, pager and cellular phone
  • Order and monitor general repairs
  • Supervise major repairs
  • Enforce warranties & service contracts
  • Conduct periodic inspections and send condition reports to owners
  • Monitor area rental market and recommend appropriate rental rate adjustments
  • Handle all accounting matters including mortgage and association fee payments
  • Provide owners with monthly statements itemizing receipts and disbursements
  • File necessary insurance claims

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Real Estate Leasing and Property Management Services located in Bethesda and Chevy Chase, MD – Realty Network, Inc., REALTORS serving MD & DC.

Real estate and property management companies can help individuals and businesses find properties that are suitable for them. For instance, they might have real estate property listings that include several residential buildings and properties. Many of the companies also have landlords that help maintain the property, collect rent from clients, and make sure leases or similar contracts are upheld.
Realty Network, Inc., REALTORS Property Management, a real estate sales and management company located in Bethesda / Chevy Chase MD has a specialty division which focuses on residential property management and leasing services. Some companies provide management and leasing services to companies looking for commercial as well as families that want apartments or homes. Potential tenants should therefore choose real estate property management and leasing companies that can offer them the services that they need.
Some real estate property management companies do not actually own the property that they rent and maintain. Another company or individual can choose to hire agents to take care of the day to day operations for their condos, HOA’s Home Owner Associations, and houses. Since real estate property management companies often have experience creating housing contracts, making timely repairs, and collecting rent from tenants, it often makes sense for property owners to hire them to perform the work instead of maintaining their own group of employees for the buildings.
Whether you are interested in contacting a sales or management agent or learning more about finding a property to rent or a company that can manage your property, so that you do not have to deal directly with tenants, you can learn more information about the real estate property management companies that work in your area by using an internet search engine to locate their web pages or contact us at Realty Network, Inc., REALTORS or Realty Network, Inc, Property Management at 301-951-0581

Many people need real estate management, but they might not know how to choose a company that can offer them all of the services that they need. By following these guidelines, though, you should be able to find the real estate property management company that is best for you. Many real estate management companies have agents that are experts in managing properties such as land, houses, apartments, multi-family units, condominiums and Home Owner Associations (HOA’s). Many of them work for national management companies that can offer services in multiple cities and states. In order to find the company that can give you all of the services and products that you need, you should ask several questions. Companies that have several years of experience can often offer you better services and more products than those that have fewer years of experience, so ask the companies how long they have been in business. Asking them for references and if they are affiliated with any other companies or organizations can also help you determine how reliable the management companies will be. Customer service is also very important. In order to determine how much importance the companies place on their customers, you should ask the companies what levels of customer service they could offer you. At Realty Network, Inc., REALTORS and Realty Network, Inc., Property Management we make customer services our 1st priority. You can reach us at 301-951-0581.

Trying to manage your apartment building or rental properties by yourself can be complex and time consuming. Whether you need a Real Estate property management company to oversee your property, you need leasing services to lease your property or you want to find a vacancy in town, you can call Realty Network, Inc., REALTORS or Realty Network, Inc., Property Management to ensure an excellent property management team.