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Property Management & Leasing In MD and Washington DC

Our Property Management Services Plan:
Our service is geared toward maximizing your profits and Minimizing risk.
Here is how we administer our property.

Management service:

  • State-of-the-art Internet Advertising/Marketing
  • Electronic Payment of Rent available to tenants
  • Tenant ledger records are available to tenants and landlords online 24/7
  • Owners are paid by direct deposit
  • Careful tenant screening including credit check
  • Employment verification, rental reference and Criminal background
  • Set rents at the optimum level, one which will allow the highest possible income with the greatest occupancy rates
  • Interior and exterior inspections of the property concentrating on preventative maintenance and
    the degree to which the tenant is caring for the property.
  • Prudent response to maintenance requests, balancing the needs and desires of the tenant with the cost
    effective maintenance geared long term preservation of the property and maximizing cash flow.

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Expert Property Management & Leasing Services In MD and Washington DC

Located in Bethesda, MD, we have been in the property management business for over 25 years.
Let us protect your real estate Investment and maximize your cash flow.

Leasing service:

  • Establish rental price
  • Promotion and marketing paid by our firm
  • Screen potential tenants
  • Prepare lease and obtain deposit
  • Recommend repairs, if needed
  • Assist in obtaining rental license if needed

Property Management:

  • 24 hour “on-call” service
  • Order and monitor general repairs
  • Supervise major repairs
  • Enforce warranties and service contracts
  • Conduct periodic inspections and send condition reports to owners
  • Monitor area rental market and recommend appropriate rental rate adjustments
  • Handle all accounting matters including mortgage and association payments
  • Provide 24/7 ledgers to owners and tenants
  • File necessary insurance claims